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A relatively newer addition to our product line, our bespoke Aluminium Kitchen range graces your household with modern eco-materials and time honoured construction techniques, brought together in one sleek modern retro kitchen. Our kitchen range reflects the latest advances in innovative technology. Their superior quality is a signature of Graph’s products and with Graph Aluminium Kitchen, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Intricate craftsmanship –Graph’s aluminium kitchen range uses both traditional and ultra-modern materials, bringing classic design elements up-to-date. The detailing and level of finishing guarantee your household with a beautifully designed kitchen range that will last longer than your standard wooden kitchen cabinets.
Diverse colour options – Our range provides its customers with a diverse range of colour options to select from, including several wooden-grain texture colours guaranteed to give that natural wooden look that you desire.

High resistance – Our aluminium kitchen ranges are practically corrosion, termite, water, air, insect, lizard, and dust proof, meaning that our aluminium kitchen range will last longer than a standard wooden kitchen range, and guarantee that brand new look even years later. Our resistance measures exceed international standards, meaning that no compromise is made to standards.

Boasts the most innovative technology in the market – meaning that your Aluminium kitchen will not be made without utilization of the most advanced parts and technology present, complementing the craftsmanship you desire.

Bespoke and made to measure our aluminium kitchen range are tailor-made and made to measurement, meaning that no compromise made to a perfect fit, and all designs are catered to your specific need. Graph also caters to your custom designs and specifications, so that no customer is left unsatisfied.

Ultra slim frames to guarantee a larger glass area, allowing more light into your home

Contemporary look with frames that can be directly fitted into the brickwork of your home