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Aluminium electric gates are a relatively new option and are proving to be a real choice for those looking to create a contemporary look to their entrance.

Graph’s aluminium gates provide a low maintenance alternative to timber as they can be specified with a wide range of powder coated and high quality wood grain embossed finishes. In comparison to steel gates, Aluminium Gates are virtually corrosion and rust free, significantly light-weight than the former (which is imperative for sliding gates), and has more design options guaranteed to provide the elegance that your house desires.



Graph’s Classic and Modern ranges of Aluminium gates reproduce the most popular styles of traditional wooden gates in a form that is both long lived and virtually maintenance-free.

Bespoke and made to measure – Graph’s aluminium gates are unique and tailor-made to precision for your requirements, with respect to the design, style, and colour of your choice.

Precision construct – comparative to a wooden gate, our Aluminium gates are carefully constructed from Aluminium sections which are precision-cut and joined in much the same way as timber gate component parts. This means that our Aluminium gates look like hard wood gates and appear just as beautiful from your house as from the road. Graph also provides a structural guarantee that lasts for five years!

Diverse color options – You can choose from a range of popular standard color options as well as a variety of outstanding and incredibly realistic wood-grain finishes. And to extend the choices even further you can select from the entire range of colors to have your gates finished in exactly the color you want!

Superb finishes – our Aluminium gates are finished with an internationally recognized process called ‘Qualicoat’ which protects your gates with a strong outer coating that is guaranteed for ten years.

Maintenance – The incredibly tough surface coating and aluminium’s natural resistance to corrosion means that you only really need to wipe them down with soapy water to keep them looking brand new.

Getting a Graph Aluminium Gate could never be simpler – Once we have the required dimensions and your choice of style and finish the gates are manufactured to your exact requirements. They arrive pre-finished, complete with any hinges, locks and stops required, ready for installation.



We believe Aluminium gates provide the best value you can buy, which give you the following benefits:

  • Made-to-order from high-quality Aluminium that does not rust, rot, warp, twist, shrink or swell.
  • Diverse options of colors with a wide selection portfolio or a choice of natural-looking wood-effect texture finishes.
  • ‘Qualicoat’ coating that are guaranteed for ten years.
  • The gates compose of individual section that are easily replaceable, in case of damage, thanks to the modular construction.
  • Virtually maintenance-free – no maintenance is required over a very long life to keep your gates looking as good as new.
  • Lightweight construction means less wear and tear on motors, your automation equipment will last longer.
  • Graph’s aluminium gates and fencing are welded for strength and durability, with no compromise for quality, with complemented premium quality hinges and locks.